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August 15, 2018, 02:29:52 PM
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Author Topic: Server Rules  (Read 3400 times) [ID: 16678]

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Server Rules
« on: July 14, 2012, 01:26:31 PM »
These are out of date. Please refer to here for up to date rules.

    The rule book is overdue for a rewrite, so here it is.
    The rules in this book can be referenced like so: "section.rule.note" where note may be left out. For example, "8.j.ii" references section 8 (General), rule j, note ii. ( Likewise, "8.j" references section 8, and rule j as a whole).

    • Hacking - Using any mod or program that gives you an advantage over another player
    • Flooding - Sending a lot of messages / commands to the server in a short period of time
    • Spamming - Sending pointless messages to the server (Nonsensical, gibberish, etc). Does not necessarily need to be in the form of Flooding
    • Score Spamming - Using a bug, or purposely performing actions (Such as two people raping each other continuously) to artificially increase their score without proper playing
    • Deathmatching - Shooting or killing someone, or their vehicle, without a valid reason
    • Cop Hunting - This is where a player chases a police officer, a player shoots at or kills a police officer that was not chasing the criminal
    • Most Wanted - Someone with a wanted level of 10 or higher (Red)
    • Warranted - Someone with a wanted level of 4 or higher but less than 10 (Orange)
    • Low wanted - Someone with a wanted level of 1 or higher but less than 4 (Yellow)
    • Innocent - Someone with a wanted level of 0 (White, green, black, generally not yellow/orange/red.)
    • Criminal - A player with a wanted level of 4 or higher
    • Bug Abusing - Knowingly using a bug (GTA, SA-MP or Script) to give yourself an advantage
    • Cop Rules - Or "Police Officer Rules" - All the rules listed in the 'Police Officer' section. As a police officer, these rules come first.
    • Drive By - Shooting at a player (or vehicle) from within a vehicle
    • Car Parking - Placing your car on top of another player and remaining stationary until they die
    • Ramming - Repeatetive, controlled collisions into another player or vehicle with intent to harm the other player or vehicle. For the purposes of administration, we'll take 3 consecutive intentional collisions as ram
    • Helikill - Using the rotors on a helicopter to kill a player
    • Staking - Taking battle with another player in a script generated map for fun or money!
    • Water Cannon abuse - Using the firetruck or SWAT Tank to spray someone with water so they can't get up off of the floor
    • Targeting - Repetitively going after a single target, be it a person or entity (Such as an organisation). This is conditional (Depending on number of players, number of cops and criminals, etc). If you genuinely feel you are being targeted, report that player and admins will assess it
    • Death/AR Evade - Killing yourself, or leaving the server to avoid being killed and/or arrested.

  • Don't be stupid
    • Simple. Don't be stupid.
  • Deathmatching
    • Deathmatching is not allowed in the server
      • Shooting at a players vehicle is deathmatching and is NOT allowed
      • Deathmatching IS allowed in the deathmatching arena on Ireland
    • Killing a player for a valid reason is allowed
      • The player raped, rob, kidnapped successfully.
      • The player ATTEMPTED to rape, rob or kidnap you (You received a message saying they failed)
      • Note 1: You can only kill a player within 5 real life minutes of them performing an action above
      • Note 2: In the case of kidnapping, the 5 real life minutes start when you escape or are /untied.
      • Note 3: You can only attempt to kill a player ONCE for each action
      • Note 4: You can shoot players who blow up the Radio Tower (As long as it falls under the 5 minute barrier)
      • Note 5: Administrators are NOT responsible for anything that happens when staking.
    • Do NOT target players and / or organisations
      • If there are multiple players ingame, share the love. Don't attempt to rape, rob, etc the same person every time
      • Don't continuously tresspass on an Organisations base to provoke a battle
      • Police Officers are exempt from this rule provided that the player is not innocent (i.e., chasing the same person to send them to jail is allowed)
    • Warranted or Most Wanted players can shoot at police officers that are chasing you
      • Innocent or Low Wanted players can NOT shoot at police officers
      • Cop Hunting is NOT allowed
    • If a police officer engages a criminal and then retreats, criminals CAN shoot at the police officer as they're retreating
      • The criminal can NOT, however, chase the police officer and must wait for the police officer to reinitiate a chase
    • You can NOT break any of these rules to protect a friend
      • If a cop is shooting your friend and you're innocent, you can NOT shoot at that cop
      • You CAN use server commands such as /rape, /kidnap, etc
  • Hacking
    • Hacking is not allowed at any time
      • Spawning cash, spawning weapons, teleporting, airbreaking and keybinds are all examples of hacking
    • Only some CLEO mods are allowed in the server
      • Any CLEO mod that gives a player an advantage is NOT allowed
      • Please ask an admin to review a mod if you have any concerns
  • Police Officer
    • Law enforcement personnel can NOT shoot at other law enforcement personnel
    • Police officers can not shoot at low wanted or innocent players (Or their vehicles)
      • Likewise, low wanted or innocent players can not shoot at police officers
      • The only exception to this rule is if the police officer has a hit on them and are being attacked by a hitman (An innocent hitman can shoot at the police officer and the police officer can retaliate)
    • Don't repeatedly taze a player. Taze them, then cuff and arrest
    • Don't use roadblocks to block areas where there are no wanted players
    • Don't abuse the Cuff system, leaving a player cuffed. Uncuff them as soon as you have dealt with the altercation
    • Do not abuse /rp, please see this for valid reasons.
  • Army
    • You can only shoot at MOST WANTED players with the army vehicles (Hydra, Hunter and Rhino)
      • If a Most Wanted player surrenders, you can NOT kill them
    • You must give a warning to players that are not Most Wanted when they are close to your targeted Most Wanted player and allow them time to move
    • You must give a general warning to Most Wanted players using /armywarn to give them a chance to surrender. At least 30 seconds is required.
    • When you are not in an Army Vehicle with weapons attached, normal police rules apply
      • You CAN shoot at Warranted players with regular hand held weapons
  • Vehicles
    • Ramming a player or vehicle occupied by a player for no reason is NOT allowed
      • An accidental collision is fine, but it is very obvious when it is done purposely
      • If you can rightfully kill a player (Due to a /rape, /rob, etc) then ramming IS allowed
    • You can NOT kill a player by using the rotors of a Helicopter
    • Drive By's are NOT allowed by drivers against people on foot
      • Drivers CAN shoot the vehicles of other people provided it is not against the Deathmatching rules
    • Drive By's by passengers ARE allowed ONLY if there is a driver in the vehicle as well
      • The Sawnoff shotgun and Desert Eagle can NOT be used in this way
    • You cannot surf on, or drive the train while wanted. It's recommend not being near it either to avoid confusion.
    • The Rustler weapons can be used against vehicles in the air AND on the ground
      • You can  shoot a player that is on foot with the Rustler as long as you are flying
      • Police Officers CAN shoot at Warranted and Most Wanted players
      • Criminals CAN shoot Law Enforcement personnel (In a vehicle) if they are being chased
  • Flooding
    • Flooding is NOT allowed in the server
      • A person flooding ingame will automatically be banned temporarily
      • The ban time is 1 hour for each offence recorded (e.g., A third offence is a 3 hour ban)
  • Organisations
    • Organisation members must observe all rules at all times
      • Do NOT break any of the rules (Such as shooting a cop while Innocent) to protect a fellow organisation member
    • Organisation members MUST wait the full minute before initiating a battle with a trespasser
      • If the player is trying to get out, you must aid them by opening the gate
      • If they are on their way out, you CAN continue to shoot until they are outside of your zone (As depicted by the server)
      • You can NOT shoot a player once they are no longer in your zone
      • EIR Members should not perform any criminal activities while using the EIR event skin
      • Organisation members can NOT make several accounts to join / infiltrate / spy on another organisation
  • General
    • Use common sense!
      • If it might be against the rules, ask an admin with /admin or post here
    • If an admin uses a secret account it's for a reason. If you know of it, please keep it to yourself
    • Do not impersonate any players or admins in any way. This includes:
      • Using similar nicknames
      • Threatening to ban other players, etc
    • Do not lie to admins when they are trying to perform administrative duties
      • Do not make reports that are incorrect or invalid
      • Saying things such as "I'm not going to rape you" to give an advantage ingame is allowed
    • If you have another player's password, alert them or an admin immediately. Do not try to use their password
    • Don't mention the name of hacking programs or announce that a hacker / cheater is ingame using main chat
      • Always report cheaters or hackers
    • Please speak English in the main chat
      • If all players ingame speak a certain language (Say there's two players who know each other IRL) then they can speak their language in main chat
      • When there are more players ingame, please limit other languages to /w and /pm
      • Please speak English only in the forum shoutbox
    • Do not kill yourself purposely (Jumping, vehicle explosion, etc) to avoid jail
      • Dying through a server function such as a disease is not against the rules
      • Don't leave the server to avoid Death or Jail
    • Give players that just spawned time to get away before raping, robbing, etc
    • Do NOT kill a jailed player when you are not jailed to get them out
    • Only hit contracts with a valid reason can be placed
      • All hits must be placed within 5 minutes of the event occuring
      • Valid reasons for hit contracts can be found here
    • Bug abusing is NOT allowed in the server
      • GTA bugs that give you unlimited ammo or a faster shooting rate can NOT be abused
      • Report Script bugs on the forum
    • Keep your account password to yourself
      • Any rule breaks on your account are deemed to be you. We don't accept the 'It was my brother on my account' story
      • Letting others use your account messes with systems designed to keep the server safer from hackers, impersonators and other troublesome people
    • Water Cannon abuse from the Firetruck, the SWAT Tank or the Fire Extuinguisher is NOT allowed
    • Please don't ask to be an admin
      • The answer will be no. Always.
    • If you spot an issue with the rules please alert an administrator
      • Knowingly abusing a 'loop hole' when something clearly shouldn't be allowed will result in the same administrative action
    • Advertising other servers is NOT allowed on the server
      • Automated systems are in place to ban advertisers automatically
      • You can ask people to test something with you on a LOCAL server (Hosted on your computer), but please do it in a Private Message on IRC or the Forum (Not ingame!)
    • Do not talk about or provide links to any illegal activity or product
      • Anywhere.
    • Do not go AFK ( Away From Keyboard ) while wanted while in a vehicle
    • Score Spamming is NOT allowed. The score may be removed, or a timeban may be placed
    • Flame/Flaming/Insulting - Excessively against an Individual or Organisation is not allowed
  • IRC
    • Do not flood on any official CRRPG channels
    • Please speak English in the CRRPG channels
    • Do not post illegal material (Such as pirated software) on the IRC server
  • Forum
    • Do not spam the forum (i.e,. post useless topics or useless replies to topics)
      • Do not post in a topic with one or two word responses
      • Posting in an old topic is allowed, provided you have something meaningful to say
    • Do not provide links to illegal software
    • Do not send messages in the shoutbox that only contain large amounts of smileys
  • Gang Zone   

If you're a regular player, do not use the !VOTE * commands before reading the Corresponsive Thread: !votejail, !votemute, !votekick, failure will lead in a warning on the first offense, removal of regular player status on the second.

Code: (Modifications) [Select]
06/07/2014 - Added a new number one rule. "Don't be stupid."
28/12/2013 - Added /rp abuse to police rules
07/12/2013 - Mostly formatting. Typo in 8.h.ii. Changed capitalisation in 4.a
25/04/2013 - Added flame, unspoken rules existed, !vote * notification
09/04/2013 - Added definition of staking and DM Note 4
30/03/2013 - You can now shoot players who blow up the Radio Tower
27/01/2013 - Modified the /armywarn rule to set the time for a required 30 seconds
28/07/2012 - Modified the wording of the rustler rules
22/07/2012 - Added the definition of score spamming. Added rule 8.t for score spamming.
19/07/2012 - Made a minor edit to the definition of spamming
17/07/2012 - Corrected a typo of disease, the rule of going afk has been adjusted to only in a vehicle, a typo where a. should be i. has been fixed, innocent has been defined as anyone not red/yellow or orange.
16/07/2012 - Added AFK while wanted rule
15/07/2012 - Added definition for targeting. Added a collision / time factor in the definition of ramming
14/07/2012 - Initial post
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