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July 19, 2018, 11:15:48 AM
News: Check out the change-log.

Change Log


    In this release, a lot of things were optimized or modified, this also includes MySQL. Whilst we have thoroughly tested everything to the best of our abilities, some bugs may have escaped our eyes. That said, all bugs should be reported ASAP, but please keep a good eye on your stats. Although resolving many issues with saving things to the database, it is entirely possible a new one has been created. For your own safety, take a screenshot of your bankstate and score upon logging in so you can ensure proof of lost stats if it SHOULD occur, although I am rather confident that the chances of this happening is very unlikely. I cannot guarantee it.
    That said, carry on now, peeps.
    Navigation Panel

    Major Additions:

      Although minor, I've implemented an anti-tune detection script.
      For now, it sends a message to administrators; if it is confirmed to be working and has no issues, it will automatically ban players in upcoming versions.
      Break has been adjusted, it no longer destroys a vehicle, it now turns off the engine for 15 seconds and reduces health by 250.0, if the vehicle happens to be under 500 health, it will catch fire.
      /nosme and /nos are now the same command (Both support fixing yourself and your target)
      /fixme and /fix are now the same command (Both support fixing yourself and your target)
      A command that has existed for a while, but wasn't noted in commands: /paintcar - has been added.
    Spawn Selections & some spawn locations have been redone 
      It now uses player textdraws
      It now gives clearer messages of to whom a skin belongs, and if you can use it right off the bat or not.
      The order is as follows: Civilians, Prostitutes, Mechanic, FDSA, Medic, Organisation, Army, Police
      Cops now have one more spawn location
      Restrictive skins are removed (The players were inactive or banned anyways)
      Cops now have more skins to choose from
      Prostitutes now have more skins to choose from
      The Taxi Driver skins have been added to Civilian skins
    You can now buy jetpacks from the Airport
      First time purchase costs $200,000
      It charges $50,000 every minute afterwards
      Remove it with F or ENTER,
      Weapons are removed on purchase,
      The jetpack is removed on entering checkpoints,
      Picking the jetpack up after exiting it will remove the jetpack.
      You cannot use ANY non-chat command on a jetpack.
      Administrators will not refund you if you AFK with a jetpack.
      Abuse of this feature will not be tolerated,
      Report any loopholes, bugs or issues to the bug section on
    Store Robberies Redone (To be fully implemented)
      This is going to be a slow but solid progress, basically, I've created an entirely new Store Robbery system, it is already in place on TheSaints new city (see lower additions), but is yet to be recoded for the entire robsystem.
      Here is what to expect:
            Dynamic score received, if fully completing the robbery, you get score equal to time robbery took divided by 10 (so 100 seconds = 10 score)
            You get money per second, leaving early means you lose the rest of the money, but you get to keep what you already robbed. (This is similiar to a system Bobman implemented for his own CNR server, so I do credit him for it)
          Consistency: Wanted level for failure is set to +4, Success wantedlevel is specified in the script (default +6),
                     Law Enforcement officers know exactly what to expect, where,
                     No variable colours, one textdraw to rule them all,
                     Same cooldown for all businesses on robbery
          Handles basic checks (Is spawned, in a checkpoint and not a cop/army/medic/fdsa)
          Handles robskill increases, decreases etc.   
          Sends messages to cops.
        Difference between new & old systems
          A lot more optimized,
          Uses one variable per store (The cooldown to rob it)
          Uses one checkpoint trigger per store.
          Less lines, way less lines.
          Uses text draws
          Looks a lot nicer
          Permits the robbing of C4 or Weed as extra options.
          Cooldown Revamp
          From now on, stores only use GLOBAL variables, this means, once somebody uses the airport to buy a plane, he can buy another plane right off the bat again. However, if they starts a robbery, the entire server can no longer rob that store untill the cooldown finishes.
          This means many things, for one it means business owners won't lose as much money, the global cooldown has increased significantly. Currently standing at 300 seconds, whereas normal that'd be the approximate time for just one player to rob the store.
          Cooldowns now are also consistent, 300 seconds for success, that value divided by 2 for failure, should the cooldown be too high or too low, then that is easily adjustable in the script.
          As for optimization, it means that every store no longer needs a 102-sized array variable to it, that the server ten second tick no longer has to count it down and that generally things will go a little bit faster and use a little bit less resources. But that is nothing to glare about.
          This feature is still experimental, and I will be monitoring whether some popular stores will need cooldowns for players when they buy things from it (Think buying 50 autobahn cars just 'cause they can), In which case I would like to recommend reading the bottom part of this change log as well.
          if you have a robskill higher than the the max robskill for that store (maximum robskill to increase robskill, if above, your robskill stops increasing from robbing that place), your percentage of robbing the store goes up by 10%, and your time decreases by random(25% of time it takes).
        Business Owners
          Business Owners lose 20% (max of 100k) of what is robbed.
          When no money is lost (either business owner has an insurance, or neither are online), a hit will be placed.
        Misc Changes
          ATMs are no longer robbed instantly, they now take 15 seconds (less if robskill is greater than 20)
        Store Prices Adjusted
          With the new system, robbing money is slightly easier (You no longer get low random() values)
          Because of that, the store prices have all raised.
          Weapon Pack: 60m -> 75m
          Weapon Pack Change: 10m -> 15m
          Name Change: 30m -> 40m
          Riot Shield: 10m -> 20m
          Weapon Laser: 5m -> 10m
          Glasses: 5m -> 10m
          Name Change if you have a weapon pack: 5m -> 15m
          Trust me when I say this is not a hefty increase at all.
        Currently used by:
        All banks, All casinos, All major businesses, All ATM's,
        A great portion of the smaller stores (Zip, Binco, Cluckin' Bell & Tattoo, more..)
        All of the new city.
    Cop Classes
      Police officers now have a few specific skins that do special things, each skin is incorporated with one or a few penalties, and one or more benefits.
      The command /copclass displays a dialog of things that each class can and can't do.
      There are currently a few cop classes, with potetial to add more, but no real need:
      A Support Class (SkinID 285):
        Benefits: Can modify vehicles on the fly (Add NOS, slightly repair)
                  Can disrupt a player
                  Can provide armour to team mates nearby.
                    Adding NOS: /nos (id)
                    Repairing vehicles: /fix (id)
                    Refill armour (partially): /armourup
                    Disrupt: /disrupt (id) -
                            on foot: Drunk level to 4999, remove player name tags.
                            in vehicle: Set drunk level to 5500.
                            The closer you are to a player, the more likely you are to disrupt them successfully.
        Penalties: Can only use one handed weapons, cannot move while aiming down sights (All weapon skill levels are reset to novice level)
      An Anti Vehicle Specialist (SkinID 282):
        Benefits: Can call in air strikes, use roadblocks, spikes and use /disrupt
                    /airstrike - Same as army/terrorist airstrike.
                    Disrupt: /disrupt (id) - Disables HUD (It sets a player drunk (5500, and plays a sound. - Only works on players who drive a vehicle.
                  Penalties: Can only use one handed weapons, cannot move while aiming down sights (All weapons skill levels are reset to novice level)
                   Has no tazer.
      An Anti Combat Specialist (SkinID 281):
        Benefits: Spawns with extra weapons and armour, can use /disrupt on players on foot. (Sets drunk level to 4999, removes player name tags)
        Penalties: Cannot use roadblocks or spikes.
      FBI (SkinID 286):
        Benefits: Spawns elsewhere and gets access to restricted vehicles criminals cannot enter.
        Penalties: None
        (Note: This is the same as the current game FBI, just made into a Cop Class, and spawning with armour)
      Default Class:
        This class has no benefits or penalties.
      Keep in mind any non default class cannot go undercover, and they usually spawn with a little bit of starting armour depending on their class.
      Interpol status and class status now also have use in /cm.
      /disrupt gives coprank for successfully performing it,
      /armorup gives coprank depending on how many players you armour up.
      Both the disrupter and the armour can be refilled at LVPD garage (dropoff or LV Weapon Supplier checkpoint)
      (obviously) abuse and farming coprank is disallowed.
    Pay Day
      Payday now runs on the same timer as the time of a day, meaning whenever the server hits a new day, the payday triggers.
      Paychecks for Law Enforcement, Medic and Fire Department now go directly in your bank.
      Medics now also get a paycheck.
      Increased paycheck for cops, medics and FDSA to $150,000, Army to $200,000.
      You now get a bonus $25,000 to your paycheck for every criminal you arrest, kill.
      You now get a bonus $25,000 to your paycheck for every non-wanted player you heal or cure.
      You now get a bonus $25,000 to your paycheck for every fire you extinguish.
    Police /onduty messages:
      Police members can now announce their on duty status with /onduty
      The displaying of this message can be toggled in /settings.
      Interpol members can set their rank with /setrank.
    Drug Importation has been readded after being mysteriously removed.
      Drug Importation now has an exterior
      Drug Importation is now decryptable
      Drug Importation is now robbable, requires 40 robskill, gain an approximate of 5,000 weed and $100,000
      Located at Los Santos beach
    Lotto tickets can now be purchased from anywhere and do not require a 24/7 store.
      Lotto tickets cost increased from $1,000 to $25,000
      Lotto ticket purchases now use the Smart Money system
      Buying a lotto ticket randomly increases the pot, up to $1,000,000 more.
      Buying a lotto ticket is now announced to the server to promote purchasing a lotto.
      Admin lotto events are unaffected by these changes.
      Command to buy a lotto ticket: /buylotto
    Airport (partially) redone
      The airport now uses a dialog
      Lots of redundant code has been removed (The airport now takes roughly 1,000 less lines in the script.)
      Everything will be easier for scripters to add and/or modify
      You can now get caught if you carry C4 when entering an airport checkpoint, blocking passage.
      Many messages have been redone/simplified
      Airport prices lowered
      Andromada now costs $250,000 instead of $50,000.
      AT-400 now costs $250,000 instead of $50,000.
    Trucking Overhaul (Credits: Karagon)
      Trucking has been overhauled by Karagon
      The old trucking system has been entirely removed.
      The trucking base was edited to look more truck-depot like.
      There are two loading bays: The yellow crane for the long/primary trucking, a hopper-like area for the secondary trucking.
      Primary trucking routes are dynamic. Any admin can add them to the script with /addroute (DO NOT ADD A SPACE BETWEEN THE TWO PARAMETERS: location;item)
      For Primary Trucking:
         You can select your first trucking route once loaded.
         You must get your trailer after you load up and before you leave - you'll be unable to unload if you do not have your trailer.
         You arrive at the destination, you will be frozen for 3 seconds while you unload. You will then be given your cash + score (1 point per 500meters (minimum 1 score, rounded up, maximum 4 score, rounded down) and cash is based off a function - easy to increase/decrease in the script)
         You lose money the longer you take getting to the destination.
         You can only do 5 missions before returning to the depot to load again. (This, again, can be changed by editing a define in the script)
         There is a 10% chance that your delivery will be denied by the location. You won't get paid and you can continue your mission in 5 seconds.
         There are 28+ different trucking locations pre-loaded.
         Sound plays for the corresponding action taken at the unloading zone.
         Bonuses are rewarded for drivers who get their load to their destination with less than 100hp damage. This is $6,000 per score you recieve. Note: Damage does not reset. You must maintain this less than 100hp damage the entire 5 routes.
         You will fail your mission if you stay out of your truck for 10+ seconds.
      For Delivery / Secondary Trucking:
         You can get the second trucking missions by getting the flatbed, pony, or van from the side of the depot.
         Go to the hopper like load zone (where the CP is) and get your load.
         The CP will be placed, you must get there in the allotted time. Failure to do so will result in a failure of the mission.
            A failure will also occur if you exit your van.
         You get paid for your distance traveled, time left ($250/second), damage bonus (random amount of $10,000)
         You get there, and you'll unload. You'll get  your next mission in 5 seconds. (So get moving)
         You only have 8 trips before you have to return to the depot.
         There are 35 pre-programmed delivery locations. They are not dynamic.
      You can end any trucking mission at any time with /truckcancel
    Taxi Missions (Credits: Karagon)
      Taxi missions have been redone by Karagon
      The original taxi system has been removed from the script
      You can now play Taxi Chauffeur as any class and do it in any Cabbie, Taxi, or Stretch (Stretches give a bonus.)
      To start, enter above vehicles, and press the key (2) to start the mission, you will get a fare which tells you where to go to get your passengers, once you have your passengers, drive to their destination and you can drop them off there.
      Pay is based on a few factors: distance, passengers, a little bit of randomness, and the total amount of damage you have taken.
      Taxi missions do not require other players.
      You can end your taxi mission with the submission key (2)
    Player Achievements
      The server now has a (for now, pretty minor) achievement system.
      There are plans to add more of them, but at first we'd like to fix the many bugs that are in statistic tracking (You can see how inaccurate /stats is for yourself). With this said, the first package includes sixteen achievements. All being very basic.
      1) "The first one is free": Open the achievements dialog with /achievement(s)
      2) "Regular Player": Become a regular player
      3) "Army Status": Become a member of the army.
      4) "VIP": Become a Very Important Player
      5) "Maximum robskill": Get maximum robskill (current: 100)
      6) "Maximum terrorist skill": Get maximum terrorist skill (current: 100)
      7) "1,000 score": Get 1,000 score
      8) "5,000 score": Get 5,000 score
      9) "10,000 score": Get 10,000 score
      10) "1,000 coprank": Get 1,000 coprank
      11) "5,000 coprank": Get 5,000 coprank
      12) "25,000 coprank": Get 25,000 coprank
      13) "$25,000,000": Get a bank state of 25 million
      14) "$50,000,000": Get a bank state of 50 million
      15) "$100,000,000": Get a bank state of 100 million
      16) "$250,000,000": Get a bank state of 250 million
      Achievements are either reward on special occasions (/adreg, /adarmy), or when you spawn. It would be too resource intensive to add these checks every second, and I realise not earning the achievements right off the bat might be a downside, but the current ones simply don't really allow for that (imagine adding a check in /transfer, every robbery etc. for the bank one) - All in all, we plan to add more achievements that do allow awardance immediately, but most of them currently are better off rewarded on spawn.
      Having that said, you can check another players achievements with /achievements (id)
      Upon this release, a new thread will appear shortly where players can suggest achievements, where players can post their ideas for what they believe would be a good achievement.
    Player Statistics Redone
      Because player statistics (/stats) never worked, I've decided to re-do it so it will be able to be used for achievements.
      The command is still /stats (or /statistics), and actually works now! Hurah!
      With that said, here is what currently is being tracked:
        Rapes, Kidnaps, Robs, Best rob, Heals, Buildings blown, Drugs dealed, Cars jacked,
        Guns sold, Money spent on Smart Money, Players arrested.
    Player Businesses are now Dynamically Loaded
      Basically, before, scripters had to modify a script constant every time someone new owner a business, this is the reason why /bo had to be constantly updated.
      As of 5.0.0, this is now all done dynamically, and scripters need to pay less attention to this now.
      It does however, cope with a small issue, where if there are three or more business owners (This can happen after, for example, a name change, or just having three owners for a business), the rest will be truncated, and only two will be displayed. The reason for this is due to 2 business owners being the hard limit anyways, and I code following those guidelines.
      Having that said, fixing this issue can be done multiple ways,
        For admins with SQL access: They can just remove ownership of the third owner in the respective table.
        For admins without SQL access: Let the third owner login, and use !adbiz on them to remove the status.
      I have however cleansed the database of any third user entries, and this issue is to never occur if everything happens as it should.
    SmartMoney now supports NEF transactions (No extra funds):
      This is used in House rent and House renovations. The Smart Money owners get 1% of the transacted funds if online. This is by no sign a small amount, as these values are usually incredibly large.
      SmartMoney now also tells IRC (#spam) what type of transaction was used
      These transaction types exist:
        Hand, Backpack, Bank, Bank debt, Bank NEF, Bank NEF Debt
    Housing System redone
      Everyones houses has now been removed, and money has been refunded.
      Purchaseable houses show up as Green House Icons and opens a dialog when you walk on it.
      They are associated with a 3D Text Label to show information about the house.
      Before we continue, here are some references I will be using.
          * RL = Renovation Level
          * House Security = The likelhihood a player can rob your house.
      Commands, keep in mind explaination of them comes later:
        /houses, /house, /househelp - open a dialog with house information
        /permit (id) - Permit a player to use your house and its cars
        /unpermit (id) - Remove permission of a player to use your house & cars
        /exit - Exit the house you're currently in.
        /enter - Attempt to enter the closest by house
        /dcc, /displaycarcolor, /displaycarcolour (0-255) - View car color; This command sends a colored client message to you which will indicate what colour your house car will look like
        /ha, /houseactivities - View a dialog of house activities, Requires renovation level 6.
        For Cops:
        /lockdown (id) - Remove a player from his house and automatically cuff him.
      Buying a house;
        You buy a house by going in it's icon (It's a green house icon),
        You need $52,000,000 in your bank to purchase the house.
        Only $39,000,000 of it will be directly charged on purchase.
        Once purchased, the house name, vehicle model and car colour will probably need changing, this is where the remainder $11,000,000 is spent on.
        It's okay if you don't want to change car color, model or house name (House name by default will be "Newly bought house").
        Please note: Upon exiting your house will mention "Thank you for visiting HouseOwner's HouseName, therefore it is not recommended to rename your house to "Revos house", as then it will state "Thank you for visiting Revo's Revos house", Administrators will not refund this.
      You can:
        Buy a house ($39,000,000 ($50,000,000))
        Renovate a house (Variable)
        Change your car ($5,000,000)
        Change your car color ($1,000,000)
        Change your second car ($5,000,000, RL needs to be higher than 3)
        Change your second car color ($1,000,000, RL needs to be higher than 3)
        Change your house name ($5,000,000)
        Downgrade a renovation and get some money back. (Variable, 50% of what you spent on your previous renovation)
        Sell your house. (Variable, 70% of what you spent on renovations)
        Open a (basic | advanced | elite) guns cabinet (Only at RL 6 or higher)
        Perform activities (Only at RL 6 or higher)
      House Name Changes:
        House names are changed by putting in their new name in the dialog at your house.
        House names support SA:MP colours, (e.g., {ffffff} is white, {000000} is black), You do not need to know them to change your house name, and white works perfectly fine. But should you want to go that extra mile, look up some HEX Colours (try these linkes:,, and put them between {curly braces}.
        Player mistakes will not be refunded.
      House Vehicle Changes:
        House vehicles are changed by putting in their Vehicle Name in the dialog at your house.
        A wide array of vehicles are supported, but if you know what vehicle models are, here is a list of all supported models:
           400, 401, 402, 403, 404, 405, 408, 409, 410, 411, 412, 413, 414,
           415, 418, 419, 420, 421, 422, 423, 424, 426, 427, 429, 434, 436,
       438, 439, 440, 442, 443, 444, 445, 448, 451, 457, 458, 458, 461,
       462, 463, 466, 467, 468, 470, 471, 474, 475, 477, 479, 480, 481,
       482, 483, 485, 489, 490, 491, 492, 494, 495, 496, 498, 499, 500,
       502, 503, 504, 505, 506, 507, 508, 509, 510, 514, 515, 516, 517,
       518, 521, 522, 523, 524, 525, 526, 527, 528, 529, 530, 531, 533,
       534, 535, 536, 539, 540, 541, 542, 543, 545, 546, 547, 549, 550,
       551, 552, 554, 555, 558, 559, 560, 561, 562, 565, 566, 567, 568,
       571, 572, 573, 574, 575, 576, 579, 580, 581, 582, 583, 586, 587,
       588, 589, 596, 597, 598, 599, 600, 601, 602, 603, 604, 605, 609
       Please keep in mind it is rather difficult to test if every vehicle fits in the place, if it does not, post a bug report on the forums stating which house ID you own, and a scripter or maybe even administrator will hopefully have it fixed within the next game mode restart.
       As for "wanting a stretch in a small place", please don't purchase the house if you have intentions of running big houses when there is clearly no place. Some houses won't fit all vehicles, we'll try to adjust obvious issues, but sometimes it is just your loss for being silly.
        Player mistakes will not be refunded.
      House Vehicle Colour Changes:
        You can (as of now) only change one vehicle colour, that means the second color of a house vehicle is not yet supported.
        You can pick between all vehicle colours (0 to 255), use /dcc to help you find the colour of your liking or reference
        Additionally, use the colour -1 to get a random vehicle colour per stream-in.
        Player mistakes will not be refunded.
      House Interiors: (Reference point:
        RL0: Denises Room
        RL1: Katies room
        RL2: Budget Inn Motel
        RL3: Ryders House
        RL4: Colonel Furhbergers
        RL5: Crack Den
        RL6: CJs House
        RL7: Fanny Batters
        RL8: Unused Safe House
        RL9: House in Prickle Pine able to be bought in SP
        RL10: ?? (SLZ's old interior)
        RL11: Tiger Skin Brotel
        RL12: Crack Factory (Upper Floor)
      House Locations:
        I have already pre-added 76 houses in the script,
          Here are the number of houses per location:
       house name      no. of houses
       Prickle Pine      22
       Rockshore West      13
       The Strip (South)   9
       Red Sands East      8
       Redsands West      6
       White Wood Estates   5
       Pilgrim         4
       Old Venturas Strip   2
       Creek         2
       The Visage      2
       Emerald Isles      2
       Roca Escalante      2
      House Exteriors
        I honestly wasn't worried about exteriors; find the exterior and vehicle locations you want and go at it. It's all done on first go-first come, the only small thing is that some better exteriors might have a slightly longer walking distance to your car, but they're all set to roughly 5 seconds at maximum.
      House Renovation Benefits:
        All RL's increase the required robskill to rob your house by five.
        Rl 3: Unlock a secondary house vehicle.
        RL 5: Upgrade house security, NOS on vehicle 1.
        RL 6: Unlock house activities, a basic gun cabinet that holds three guns.
        RL 7: Your gun cabinet now holds 4 guns, NOS on vehicle 2, /deposit, /depositpack, /withdraw from house.
        RL 8: Upgrade house security, more house atcitivites, second tier gun cabinet, gun cabinet holds 5 guns.
        RL 9: Gun cabinet holds 6 guns.
        RL 10: Upgrade house security, unlock third tier gun cabinet.
        RL 11: Maximum renovation level, you now spawn with Business, House and Bank insurances.
      House break in success rate:
        RL5: 67%,
        RL8: 50%,
        RL10: 40%,
        RL11: 30%
      House Robberies:
        You will get approximately $50,000 per renovation level.
      House Rental Payment:
        House rent now goes directly through Smart Money Bank NEF Transactions
        House rent increases as you up your Renovation Level.
        RL0: $10,000
        RL1: $20,000
        RL2: $30,000
        RL3: $40,000
        RL4: $50,000
        RL5: $60,000
        RL6: $70,000
        RL7: $80,000
        RL8: $90,000
        RL9: $100,000
        RL10: $120,000
        RL11: $200,000
        RL11: $250,000
      Inability to pay rent:
        If you are unable to afford rent, your house RL will be downgraded one level.
        If you are at RL 0, it will be sold.
        Both downgrade & selling a house will give you the portion money equal as of doing it manually.
        There is no method to reverse this.
        Also, the entire server will be able to laugh at your lack of money.
      House Renovation Costs
        Purchasing a house: $50,000,000
        RL1: $5,000,000
        RL2: $15,000,000
        RL3: $30,000,000
        RL4: $50,000,000
        RL5: $50,000,000
        RL6: $50,000,000
        RL7: $50,000,000
        RL8: $80,000,000
        RL9: $80,000,000
        RL10: $100,000,000
        RL11: $110,000,000
        Total Sum: $670,000,000
        Before you complain that people will not be able to afford it:
          They're not supposed to, it's a money dump for rich people with nothing to spend it on,
          And you can live perfectly fine with a lower class RL.
      House Activities (RL 6+):
        You can perform house activities at your house that law enforcement officers can hinder.
        Every activity that requires you send out a crew has a 30 minute cooldown.
        Specific references:
          Tracability: If you can be traced back to this crime, it means you will get wanted if cops manage to stop your actions, each activity can be traced, but only some give positive matches all the time, all the cops can do is put halt to the activity.
        You can:
          (RL 6+)
          Buy business insurance ($30,000)
          Buy House & Bank insurance ($30,000)
          Open gun cabinet (basic)
          (RL 8+)
          Whitewash money
            You will send a crew to whitewash money for you, this activity takes roughly 10 minutes,
            On success, you are granted with approximately $800,000 + random($500,000)
          Smuggle drugs to Smack Shack
            Help out the Smack Shack owner by getting some men to deliver drugs tot he Smack Shack, this activity takes 10 minutes
            On success, Smack Shack gains random(10000) + 2000 drugs, you gain $250,000
          Open gun cabinet (advanced)
          (RL 10+)
          Hire men to smuggle C4
            Hire some men to smuggle C4 for you, this activity lasts roughly 5 minutes, you will get 100% matches via /crimesearch on this activity
            On success, you are granted 30 + random(5) C4 in your backpack.
          Hire men to smuggle weed
            Hire some men to smuggle C4 for you, this activity lasts roughly 5 minutes, you will get 100% matches via /crimesearch on this activity
            On success, you are granted random(5000) + 1000 weed in your backpack.
          Perform a Coordinated Robbery
            Hire some men to rob a store for you, this activity lasts roughly 2 minutes,
            On success, you are granted random($800,000) + $200,000 in your bank account.
          Open gun cabinet (elite)
        On failure, your cooldown is reset back to 30 minutes, and a wanted level penalty is added if it was traceable.
        To dismantle an activity as a law enforcement officer, you have to /search or search a players house. You can /crimesearch from a Police Car which will give you an idea of who might be performing illegal house activity
      Your personal gun cabinet.
        Your gun cabinet is pretty much your personal armoury,
          As your renovation level goes up, you can take more guns from your cabinet.
          Most guns give 500 ammo.
        Basic (Tier 1) [RL6]:
          Brass Knuckles, Baseball Bat, Shovel,
          9MM, Silenced 9MM, Shotgun, Micro SMG,
          MP5, AK-47
        Advanced (Tier 2) [RL8]:   
          TEC-9, Country Rifle, M4, Combat Shotgun,
          Sawn Off Shotgun, Desert Eagle
        Elite (Tier 3) [RL10]:
          Chainsaw, Katana, Dildo, Sniper Rifle, Camera,
          Fire Extinguisher, Parachute, Spray Can
        The amount of weapons in your cabinet resets on death.
      Houses, and cops!
        For Law Enforcement Officers, hiding in a house can be combat in two ways,
        The first one, locking down a house, is a guranteed success of forcing everybody out of the house who has a warrant, and cuffing them immediately. One would argue that this is overpowered/unfair, but in all honesty, you're not supposed to hide in your house, and this renders that ineffective.
        Lockdown can be used in players with a wanted level of 3 or less.
        The second way, is to have a 100% break in chance if someone with a wanted level of +4 is in the house, once this occurs, the house goes in a lockdown state where nobody but law enforcement can exit the house. Once the Law Enforcement /exits or dies, the house goes out of lockdown mode.
        The associated command is /lockdown (id), but both methods can be triggered with the house pickup.
        To clarify, both of these techniques work 100% because it is lame to hide in your house, and you're not supposed to. With this out of the way, the rule for "hiding in your house" can be removed, as the script now prevents you from entering any house if you are wanted & a cop is nearby (in a range of 100, the same range as you can see the 3D Text Labels)
        Additionally, cops can search houses to find suspicious activity (100% success chance), /crimesearch from a LVPD vehicle (can have false positives), or /search players (100% success rate) to stop their illegal activities;
        Ideally, Law Enforcement Officers look for matches first with /crimesearch.
        IRC additions (mentioned below as well)
          for voices, there is !house (houseid) to see information about the house.
          For admins: there is !houseactivity to see when the house owner last logged in, and !removehouseowner (!rho) to remove their access, keep in mind this does not refund their bank money.
      Just for statistics, the old housing system had roughly 3,900 lines,
      My new, improved system roughly has: 1,700 lines
    Minor Additions:
    • Karagons new, improved airstrike has been added. (It takes 7.5 seconds for the first airstrike to land.)
    • You can now no longer /changepass into your ingame name as password.
    • Fuel now starts at 40+random(50) rather than 20+random(50)
    • At the end of a game week more oil is refueled at the oil rig now.
    • At the end of a game week Smack Shack will be refilled if nearly empty by some dealers.
    • /PC has been updated
    • Cops now have a lighter blue colour
    • Criminals now have a different red colour
    • Players now register with a backpack available to them, it is no longer an item you can buy from a 24/7 store.
    • /egg no longer has an animation applied to it.
    • /crb No longer requires Regular Player Status (instead 250 score is sufficient) considering the script automatically removes roadblocks.
    • Car jacker and Smuggler /cancel reminders are now text draws, and can be turned off with /settings. Does not display above 150 score by default. This is just to be more `new player friendly`, it used to be a text message every 90
    • seconds, now it's showing up permanently (and easy to toggle off).
    • Stake is now for all players
    • Stakes above $100,000 are limited to regular players.
    • Removed business bans (See new Robbery System)
    • Update to /credits
    • Business Owners now are guranteed to get larger sums of money, and the "you get $60 dollars for owning this business" is no longer a thing; You can expect getting a guranteed 100,000. As for H&M, because of it having no purchaseable items, its owners get more cash.
    • If a Smack Shack owner is online while a new week initiates, Smack Shack gets an extra 2,500 drugs per week refilled. (This stacks if the second owner is online as well.)
    • Some cooldowns now tell you when their cooldowns expired.
    • All native San Andreas pay and sprays now have a map icon associated with them so they are easier to find.
    • All commands (/gcommands, /commands, /vcommands, /ccommands) are now in a dialog.
    • You can now /setweather, /weather (weather name) to set a different weather for yourself.
    • Any camper you get in now automatically becomes ad-hippied.
    • Cops can now /search Law Enforcement Radios stolen with /robradio from players.
    • All Legion vehicles now have NOS.

    Server Optimization
      The server has a few timers that tick every second, I've tried my best to merge most calls into a 10 second timer, which presumably speeds up the server quite a big deal, the drawback is that some timers would be less accurate and may even cause issues, I heavily suggest you report all bugs relating to variables counting down (Think of a robbery timer, the time it takes till you can rape someone again) on the forums, as it could be that they unset too early. The same idea applies for the Server One Second Variable timer.
      As for the speed, I am unsure how much this will affect, possibly only this will be noticed when the server is completely full, but the change is not significant.
      Obviously, other minor server optimizations are always being performed.
    IRC Changes
    • !s is now the same command as !say,
    • !ping is now the same command as !getping,
    • !name is now the same command as !getname,
    • !id is now the same command as !getid.
    • !cmds now shows permissions in respective colours
    • IRC commands now tell you what level of access you need when performing them.
    • Fixed an issue where any player could use !repairpv
    • Houses:
      • for voices: there is !house (houseid) to see information about the house.
      • for voices: there is !houseowner ((part of) name) to find out if they own a house
      • For admins: there is !houseactivity to see when the house owner last logged in
      • For admins: there is !removehouseowner (!rho) to remove their access, keep in mind this does not refund their bank money.

    • Player stats related to organisation hires and fires should now save properly.
    • Payday is no longer canceled when a player has no money to pay for his rent.
    • Prostitutes no longer spawn in Ireland / In the water ( See the new spawn system )
    • (Some) duplicate messages have been removed
    • When the oil rig was empty; refueling your vehicle would spam messages, that spam is no longer there.
    • Buying a Rustler at the airport now actually gives you a Rustler, rather than a Tornado.
    • Can no longer /blowme in events.
    • An issue where cops would get messages when their cop radio is off has been fixed, on the same note, an issue where cops would not get messages when their cop radio is on has been fixed as well.
    • Blowing the ship now gives terrorist skill.
    • /crying on someone else will no longer say you cried on your own shoulder.
    • /cry without parameters will no longer send your own name twice as message.
    • Boatbahn owners now lose money on robbery.
    • Police Officers will no longer get double paychecks.
    • Fixed an issue where interpol (and presumable maddex/aol) members their statuses were not saved.
    • The car jacker van will no longer respawn if a player is in it
    • ResetVehicles causing ArrayIndexOutOfBoundExceptions
    • Destroyed admin vehicles should now properly reset attached variables.
    • !REPAIRPV (Repair Personal Vehicles) now actually repairs personal vehicles.
    • All Legion and SAS vehicles now have a base respawn time of 1,800 seconds.

    • Smart Money map icon enhanced.
    • Admin teleport to San Fierro Changed.
    • More Micro optimizations.
    • /loc is recoded in dcmd & now supports player names.
    • /reconnect is recoded in dcmd & now supports player names.
    • /locate updated
    • Smart Money transactions now always silence CASH INCREASE/DECREASE notifications, and display its transaction type in the IRC string instead.

    Typos Corrected:
    • Civillian -> Civilian (10 entries)
    • Probably other things
    • "RADIO RADIO:" Displayed above a player head if using /CM
    • Fixed "In a duel in a friendly duel" string issue when winning a duel (AT LONG LAST (best addition 2k14 right)).

    Rule Changes & Clarifications
      Business owners without insurance can now shoot at players robbing their business before having lost their money (given the robbery did not fail). You will be notified in the chatlog of a player robbing your business.
      You can now shoot a player immediately as they start a bank robbery, as money is lost immediately (given the robbery did not fail). You will be notified in the chatlog of a player robbing your bank money.
      /offduty and /onduty are by no means official, it is not illegal to arrest while "offduty", and is nothing more than a line of text displaying on your screen.
      Buying multiple (think of two, three or four as number) vehicles from businesses is allowed, and by no means frowned upon, but don't buy so many vehicles that it clogs up a part of the server or slows it down significantly. Only buy cars you're going to use, and not just because you want to dump money somewhere. Abuse will not be tolerated.
      You can shoot players for robbing your house the moment they start. The script will send you a notification.
    Thanks to:
    Revo, Vedang (main coders, testers)
    Karagon (air strike, trucking & taxi missions, testing)
    TheSaint, IceCold, Anders_Swe (mapping, testing)
    Leonardo, Lazz, Ian, Ghost, GamerX, Raggamuffin, Seez, Unique, Montasser (testing)
    SA:MP Wiki (information gathering)
    Anyone else who helped.
    The testing for 5.0.0 was pretty much a great deal of the time "public", therefore it might be that some testers were not mentioned, if you have been forgotten, please send me a message. Everyone who has sent feedback, or even played on the server (debug information gathering) is thanked for making this possible as smoothly as this release will be. I'm sorry for those who might have been dissapointed for us rather building up hype for the release yet also letting a lot of people be spoilt with less surprised due to the constant talk of it, but I feel like the testing has made it generally a lot more smoother of a release, and with big ones like this, that's a great thing. With that said, I hope you all have a blazin' new year and enjoy the additions :)

    * Revo takes a 5.0 smoke


    TL base added. (mapped by Anders)
    Players get less time in jail if they are surrendered.
    Airport facility in SF and LS added.
    Switched half the taxis with cabbies.
    Added and removed a few vehicles on the server.
    /pinfo now also shows time till you can /bombcar and /airstrike.
    /pinfo now also shows when the SM gate and safe was hacked.
    The bug where you could keep on '/hack'ing SM gate has been fixed.
    Jail time text changed.
    You now have a small chance of stealing a police radio when you rob SAS and Area51 armory.
    You now have a small chance of stealing a SM card when you rob SAS and Area51 armory.
    Increased distance for using /break for mechanics.
    Mechanics can add NOS to to their own vehicle with /nosme and others' vehicle with /nos <id>.
    Players can no longer give C4 without the receiver's permission. This can be toggled with /c4s.
    New players will no longer lose their organization access on rejoin.
    Secondary house cars now respawn when player joins game.
    Increased z-coordinates for a few AOL and TL cars so they don't spawn in the ground. (TL vehicles still might bug since it's over the sea and ground is not the best of objects)
    AOL leaders can now enter and exit base and interior.
    Rustler added to AOL vehicles.
    No more boss vehicle for AOL.
    New vehicles and locations added for /lgv.
    Player now spawns outside the new Ireland bank after robbery instead of the old location, in midair.
    Added few new wank/spit places.
    Autobahn owner no longer loses money when a car is stolen while he has insurance.
    Fixed few spawn checkpoints where you spawned underground.
    All businesses automatically place a server hit when the business is robbed and the owner is not online.
    SmartMoney places a hit on every player who got money in the robbery, even if the owner is online.
    H&M Casino owners now lose money when casino robbed. They can also buy insurance now.
    Added and edited an ATM location in /atmloc.
    You can only parole players if you have a minimum cop rank of 200.
    Cops now get +5 coprank, +3 score and $50,000 for killing players above wanted level 99.
    Added 2 Rhinos for Army use. One in hangar, the other in base. Goes without saying that abusing this will have serious consequences. (This is a trial run. Depending on abuse and overpower, the next step will be judged.)
    Few ramps added.
    Lots of spam compressed into lesser lines or removed in some cases.
    Lots and lots of bugs and spelling errors fixed.

    Admin related changes:
    Admins can now assign organization leaders through !playerfile.
    !playerinfo now also shows backpack info.
    Few teleports fixed according to new the Ireland.
    !ann is now visible to the admin saying it ingame.
    Added /adfixpv and !repairpv to fix purchased vehicles (with less than 300hp) on the server.
    Added /adramp <1/2>, /rramp and !rramp for admins. Handy in making fun races.

    Store Changes:
    Turbo car color changed.
    Nozzz veicle changed.
    HiredGun's house renamed and vehilces added.
    Raggamuffin's elegy with mods added.
    Fixed lepeltje's house car location.
    Changed Ghost's house.

    Note if these aren't live, they will be shortly; they're already coded if listed (next release).


    • Added the /robv command to the thief class. Thieves can now rob stationary vehicles once every four minutes to earn a random amount between 0 - 60,000. Please use /commands for more information once in-game.
    • Added the all new thief class. Abilities include the all new /robscan to find the wealthiest target, and reduced cool-downs on /rob.
    • Added /check as a quicker, dialog free way to check how long you have to wait to /rob and /rape.
    • Added DoubleT's house change requests.
    • Added the refuel on the primary car re-spawning for house owners.


    • Improved chances of /robv to 5/6 from 3/4.
    • Added a bit more probability in deciding /robv reward... now the thief has a smaller cooldown on the command (240 down to 150), but only a 1/5 chance of getting a big rob of 60 - 80k. Majority of robs will be 10 - 30k.
    • Added re-fuel right after creating car jacker's stealable goods vans to prevent redundant spawns.
    • Fixed bug where IDs that were no longer online were appearing in /robscan.
    • Corrected spelling on smart money entrance: reconized -> recognised.
    • Edited /robscan cooldown: reduced from 2.5 minutes to 1 minute.
    • Changed regular turismo to a better spawn position. Can be located in-front of RPL.
    • Now tells you how many seconds are left till you can use /robscan again if you use it too early.
    • Made /robscan in the thief class avoid checking wallet holding players.
    • DoubleT house34 primary car changed from NRG to Infernus.
    • Sorted DoubleT and Geezmo house mix-up.
    • Modified information on Seez's old house to now represent Dr.Droo owning it.
    • Fixed undercover bug causing players to show as undercover when on foot and on spawn.
    • Removed the twist wheels from SLZ's bullet and infernus, replacing them with the requested NOS.
    • Added lepeltje vortex outside his house, should spawn OK now.
    • Fixed smart money hacking bug where if you left the checkpoint it'd send numerous client failure messages.
    • Drug dealing bug where the wanted level wasn't being set correctly.
    • Future's house vehicles should now be red and black as requested.
    • Fixed auto-event bug where it wasn't ending when it should have, preventing further events.
    • USM now spawn at their own base.
    • Ability to rob dead players has now been coded out.
    • Added NRG for DoubleT at his house and added NOS to his already present Infernus.
    • Upped profits of SmartMoney.
    • Altered AutoAdmin to jail on third reminder rather than releasing the player as it seems very counter-productive.
    • Fully updated /bo command to represent ownership values in MySQL database.
    • Updated bombshop paycheck clause to echo paycheck to IRC.
    • Updated house 28 owner name to Nozzz on request. /bo change he also requested was completed in another recent change.

    Set Jail fixed
    Airport Smartmoney fixed
    bomb shop freezing fixed
    sm pass on civ spawn fix
    stake loosing money should be fixed
    tdm colours fixed
    fixed name change not working
    smack shack bugs fixed
    !bb (1 Rpl/2 starfish/3 ireland) for IRC
    dieing with debt reduces money from bank account
    eventsetweapons with no weapons actually resets the joinevent weapon spawn
    fixed - coprank bug
    fine bug should be fixed
    remstandoff fixed
    fixed needing to /smokeweed twice
    billboard message added to admin irc
    oilrig delivery added
    removed club diva and hoodlines bar as business', better business will replace them
    stopped lotto and fire messages when nobody is ingame to stop irc spam
    !s and nambob are no longer echoed in /iirc
    more changes to TDM including increased prize and a penalty for exiting one early
    hacking of oilrig computer in interior added
    /exitstake added
    made restocking the ss cheaper
    calig vault door fixed
    airport vehicles/prices changed
    removed sweating out of kidnapping, bite/cutrope should be enough
    hacking SM is now possible

    require 50 robskill to hack social
    require 65 robskill to hack oilrig
    require 85 robskill to hack smart money

    Smart money takes one player to hack the main entrance while a second (or more) stands in the garage door,
    when the hack is complete players in the garage checkpoint will be teleported inside, where one person can hack the system for a large sum of money that will be split ammong those who took part in the heist
    smart money generator needs to be blown to be able to be hacked.
    designed to create a standoff situation with police as large sums of money are involved

    cn gangzone added
    minimum 1 game day added to billboard purchases
    more trucking locations added, ty vedang

    Automated event scripts in the works
    Gun duel in place
    us marshals base added
    removed some EIR things
    dogfights in place and working :)
    fixed some TDM bugs
    dont get wet added as auto event
    event blips working
    kill list should be fixed

    report bugs here

    • Bike bahn vehicles updated
    • weapon dealer c4 fixed
    • crrpgstore fixed
    • smartmoney uses most purchases
    • 1st house car spawns on spawn now
    • new billboard business added
    • new place to rob (office of billboard business (social)
    • Cosa Nosta added
    • /adtdm /starttdm added (rc battlefield automated team deathmatch system)
    • claim cash messages fixed
    • when purchasing a car from the autobahn your wanted level is reduced until a cop comes in range or you reach 0
    • weapon dealer updated a bit
    • new garage on top of autobahn for neons/ mapped by armaan
    • rent raised to $15,000
    • irc can now be echoed into your normal chat with /iirc (this echoes everything even !say cmds) (normal !say still works with non irc enabled users
    • byrners casino remapped by me
    • /loc now has an arrow in the angle of the direction of the player
    • sas skin added
    • ammunation mini game added

    report bugs here

    Build: 4.1.3<