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August 15, 2018, 04:27:17 PM
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Author Topic: [Pending] Be_scared  (Read 66 times) [ID: 22931]

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[Pending] Be_scared
« on: June 10, 2018, 02:04:22 AM »
Ingame Name: Be_scared

Banned by: Anti-Cheat

Date banned: 6/09/18

Reason for the ban: Forgot password

Why should you be unbanned?

Although inactive for several years, I continue to think about the glory days of constantly playing CRRPG and all the lovely mellow drama that came along with it. I found GTA San Andreas loaded on my laptop and gave the server a shot, to a surprise that it was still running.

I've forgotten my password and would like it reset. The ingame name in Be_scared exactly. Thanks.
Code: [Select]
[02:21] <Leonardo> I will soon be the new owner of Autobahn!!
[02:22] <Be_scared> !8ball will leo be a good owner?
[02:22] <Unique> YES!!!!!
^^^^^^^^^^^^ Picture of Be_scared -->
[s]That failed.[/s]That so was awesome
[15:05] <%Robo-Cop> Radolfo_Hitlero (0) - wat rules?
[15:05] <%Robo-Cop> ****SPAWN**** TheJoker(6)
[15:05] <%Robo-Cop> IRON(10) Has left the server (Left)
[15:05] <%Robo-Cop> Radolfo_Hitlero (0) - can i still kill every1

[07:13] <%Robo-Cop> gTz (3) - im in the bank
[07:13] <%Robo-Cop> gTz (3) - how do i blow it?

[03:58:32PM] <+Roma_Orlof> w4nted? do u play in sa mp? sometimes?
[03:58:37PM] <&W4nteD> Duh..

[10:09:25PM] <%Robo-Cop> 7 Antz (5) - PM 0 U R A BUMLCIKER
[10:09:35PM] <%Robo-Cop> 12 Sas_Squatch (0) - lol fail
[10:09:38PM] <+Be_scared> Lmao

<%Robo-Cop>  HiYeaBye (0) - WHO HERE THINKS I HACK
<%Robo-Cop>  Be_scared (1) - HiYeahBye: The more you stress about it, the more we think you hack.
<%Robo-Cop> **(CASH INCREASE)** HiYeaBye(0) money has increased from $140000 to $400138996 ( 399998996 ) Locati
<%Robo-Cop> **(AUTO BAN)** HiYeaBye(0) Our Anti-Cheat has detected a hax0r
<%Robo-Cop> HiYeaBye (0) Has left the server (Kicked)

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Re: [Pending] Be_scared
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2018, 03:43:08 PM »
Hey man, good to see you.

Password has been reset and you are unbanned. Check inbox for details.
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