Hey all. This is just a quick note to say that the forums will no longer be accessible publicly for the foreseeable future. It's been great seeing all the people popping in to say hello, and I've really found it amazing just how long the site has held onto and continues to hold onto activity.

Key motivator for this decision is security. With our forums running an ancient version of SMF, and updating it not being the simplest process, it seemed like the best way to protect user data and the underlying infrastructure from a no doubt growing threat, was to disable access to the vulnerable content. I've done as much as I can up until now behind the scenes, but I no longer feel comfortable keeping it exposed. I will look at options to update in the coming weeks, or think of other ways to present an archive of posts so content can always be viewed if people ever want to in a secure fashion.

Please feel free to drop into the IRC network irc.crrpg.com (port +6697 for SSL [accept invalid cert please...] or 6667 for non-SSL). Default channel is #crrpg. I'll be in there and using a bouncer, so drop me a note with a way to contact you if needed and I'll get in touch - even if I'm not around at the time. I'll also have the game-server running still, just for those avid San Andreas players who still want to jump in from time to time (samp.crrpg.com:7777).

Free web-based client: KiwiIRC. Once connected, use /join #crrpg to become part of the channel.

I'd like to think everyone understands where I'm coming from. As mentioned, I'm available on IRC, and can always be reached via e-mail at crrpg@hugh.xyz. Hopefully this landing page will be replaced with a more friendly chat-box, allowing people to drop in and leave messages like they have done in the past with the forum shout-box.

Thanks for the interest. I'm glad keeping it online for so long offered joy for many. Special kudos to the people who made this place possible: BMUK, Joe_Dean, Byrner, and Bobman - plus of course all the players along the way.

Let's not forget: Paul1337noob voted best CRRPG owner. Please pay your respects.

Click here if you're the reminicising kind...

- Hugh